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Investment Required:

An established Crocs Playcentre is available in Melbourne's Eastern suburbs for around $350,000 plus range, plus legal and training costs.

Agreement Term:

5 Years

Number Of Units:


Qualifications Required:

We expect every franchise owner will come from differing backgrounds and experience. We will talk with any interested party about their suitability for a Crocs Playcentre franchise.

Training Provided:

Training will be comprehensive prior to your opening and ongoing after you start trading.

Marketing Support:

Croc’s Playcentre has a well-established suite of marketing materials and tools for our new franchise owners to utilize. 


Croc's Playcentre Croc's Playcentre Croc's Playcentre Croc's Playcentre


What makes Croc’s Playcentre successful?


Croc’s Playcentre is successful because of its integration of branding, the design of centres, marketing of the business, and management skills. Croc’s Playcentre currently has 14 centres open and has become the brand leader of children’s indoor play centers in Australia.


Lawrence Cusdin, director of Croc’s Playcentre said: “We have spent the last five years developing the brand here in Melbourne and we now intend to continue this expansion throughout Australia.” At Croc’s Playcentre it is not only the children who are catered for; we make sure that the parents also have a great time with us.


There are few multi-site businesses operating in this sector so the competition is limited and primarily made up of smaller operators. These centres are typically small in floor space, poorly equipped and not particularly well run. Some larger operators make claims about their growth forecasts, however, there is little evidence of this transitioning in the market place.



Croc’s Playcentre franchise recipe for success


We believe that our success depends on your success, therefore we will provide you with everything you will need to start up and operate a successful Croc’s Playcentre business, including:

  • Business advice
  • Site selection and centre construction assistance
  • Equipment buying knowledge
  • Ongoing management support



Your investment


An established Crocs Playcentre is available in Melbourne's Eastern suburbs for around $525,000 plus legal and training costs.


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